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Final Evaluation – Amina Programme

After the mid-term evaluation in 2019, in November 2021 we also completed the final evaluation of the Amina Programme, for the network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Missing Children Europe based in Brussels.

Amina is a wide-ranging European programme, funded by the H&M Foundation for a total of € 1,400,000, which aims to protect Unaccompanied And Separated Children (UASC) in various states of the European Union.

During its four years of activity, Amina has created Miniila, the only app with which migrant boys and girls traveling in Europe can find information on health, transport, support organizations, necessary documents and much more, in many languages.

The Programme has also allowed the creation of Interact, a practical guide on the prevention and response to the trafficking and disappearance of migrant children, to improve coordination between the various national agencies operating at the borders of the European Union states in cases of UASC going missing. The “Tiny & Apollo” video campaign promoted online and in cinemas in Belgium, Bulgaria and Sicily is also a remarkable output of the Programme.

Additionally, Amina allowed the development of the platform and all its materials available numerous languages, as well as the organisation of the Lost in Migration conference.

Our final evaluation, like the middle-term one, was carried out according to OECD/DAC criteria and was based on the analysis of secondary and primary qualitative data. The evaluation report is confidential.

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